Dream to customize your own Limousine

For many people riding a limousine is like a dream and since it is a premium car, hence they need a good occasion to ride it. Limousine is called limo in short. This luxurious sedan is magnificently long, driven by the chauffeur. Limos are popular because of the luxurious interiors. It is basically used during special events. These limos and limo builders have different elements in it starting from mirrors, multiple sunroofs, couches, lights, refrigerator, sound system, and sometimes hot tubs as well.
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Facts about the Limousine building and stretches

  • Limos are not just ordinary vehicles and it refers to the automobile, which is having the enclosed portion designed for passengers and the driver seat will be open. Their coverings typically looked like hood and cloak which were worn by the shepherd of France near Limousin region, this is where the name comes from.
  •  Luxury limousine is known for their extended long wheelbases. The regular limos resemble the car with long stretches. That is why they are called as stretch limos.
  • Since Limousine is an expensive car so mostly the rich people can afford to ride or own them on the regular basis. There are several companies who are renting these limos to people during special events. Many large companies are using them for special occasions and mostly rented by government officials of high level.


  • There are many special companies and limo builders who are customizing and building limousine by using regular cars. They will use the stock cars available to the manufacturers, by using this regular cars limo is produced. These cars are then modified and turn into the limousine. They will stretch the wheelbase and then add the sheet metal with glass for creating longer body by adding other luxury features present in a limousine.


  • Apart from adding the luxury features, limos also have security feature of a special category. Limos are also used for transporting any government officials. So these limos are also having bulletproof glasses along with several unique armoured sheets of steel.limos builder


  • In 1928 the creation of the Stretch Limo was encountered in the Fort Smith which is in Arkansas by the limo builders named as Armbruster. The stretched limos were popular for transporting the bands and the equipment. They are also known as the buses of the big bands.
  • With unique seating configuration nowadays limos can also hold several passengers in it. One of the vehicles for sports utility like H2 Hummer can easily fit more than dozens of people. There are many limos which are also having the stretch of 142 200 + inches than the normal wheelbases.
  • Ferraris and Corvettes which are some famous sports cars are also stretched for converting into the Limousine versions. Volkswagen Beetles are also stretched for creating the Limousine with unique effect of novelty.


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If you want to design or purchase your own Limousine then you will need to consider several things. Starting from the proper cruising machine to the stretch in the Limo, one needs to consider several aspects. All you have to do is create a drawing about the outside and inside of the dream limo and handle it to any limo builders.

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