Places Of Attraction

Currency museum
Explore the evolution of money and the monetary system during a visit to this somewhat quirky museum, situated on the ground floor of the Bank of Canada building on Sparks Street. Displays focus not only on Canadian currencies, but on those of the entire world; a highlight is a giant circular stone once used as legal tender on Yap Island in the South Pacific. Admission is free. Disabled access is available. 10:30am-5pm Mon-Sat; 1pm-5pm Sun

Canadian museum of civilization
Located on a 24-acre site on the Ottawa River across from Parliament Hill in Hull, the Museum of Civilization is an architectural jewel. Designed by noted Canadian architect Douglas Cardinal, the museum opened to rave reviews in 1989 and is home to over 3.5 million artifacts and exhibits of national historical and cultural importance. Especially noteworthy is the museums enormous Grand Hall containing a number of Haida totem poles from Canadas Pacific Northwest.

Hull-Chelsea-Wakefield Steam Train
All aboard! This 64 km train journey, from Hull to Wakefield, will take you back in time while you enjoy the passing beauty of the Outaouais region. The clickety-clack of the steam train, which dates from 1907, will capture your imagination; and the trip allows ample time to explore the quaint village of Wakefield, where you are encouraged to shop or grab a meal at one of the fabulous cafes and restaurants. The half day journey follows the banks of the historic Gatineau River and winds through the wilderness of Gatineau Park.

Gatineau Park
The well-maintained Gatineau Parkway winds through a beautiful old growth forest that was once inhabited by the Algonquin Indians. The parkway itself is dotted with a number of nature trails, lakes and panoramic lookouts. Not to be missed is the Mackenzie King Estate, once the summer home of the former Prime Minister. The area is especially beautiful during the fall, when the parks caretakers, the National Capital Commission, stage the annual Fall Rhapsody series of tours and lectures. At the northern end of the parkway lies Meech Lake and Harrington Lake, where Canadas Prime Minister has a cottage. There are also two public beaches on Meech Lake. The NCC maintains a visitors centre at 318 Meech Lake Road, near the northern entrance to the park.